It's already too late, the penguins have taken over the world from the bottom up. All that "watching the skies" you were doing looking for UFOs? Yeah, that was a way to distract you from the true menace, because penguins can't fly! Assimilation has occurred in all forms of media, from television to videogames. Remember how a certain dictator who was recently deposed had pictures of himself everywhere? That's what they're doing...blanketing the world with feathery cuteness. It's a form of psychological warfare...a brainwashing where your instant reaction is not fear or respect but a desire to speak in baby talk and saw "Awww" for several hours. Until you get the beak in the small of your back! Only vigilant monitoring of their media blitz can prepare us for the inevitable coup.

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This category includes Japanese anime, cartoons, and claymation.


This category includes comic strips and books that have at least one sentence that refers to penguins.


This category includes food shaped like penguins, food that use penguins as logos or mascots, and kitchen utensils with penguin images.


This category includes any videogames that have penguins as characters in any role, from villain to NPC.


These are links to various homepages, some related to penguins.


This category is pretty self-explanatory. As long as a penguin has some screen-time, I'm giving it credit.


Music by bands with the word "penguin" in their name, albums with the word "penguin" in the song, etc., make it into this discography.


As some comic strip once said, "Television is the opiate of the masses." Penguins know this all to well, and have insinuated their adorable images into everything from commercials to primetime.