This page documents any penguin that was originally created on a drawing board by an artist. As you might expect, many of these penguins are from Japanese anime, but there are some from British and German animators as well.


Azumanga Daioh
This is a hilarious, "slice-of-life" Japanese anime about a group of young high school girls and teachers with extremely different personalities.
Badtz-Maru was designed for the Sanrio corporation by Rachel Bautista, a penguin lover who says on the Sanrio website that her favorite Badtz-Maru toy is the one where he sits on a plush silver motorcycle. I only saw that toy once, and I gave it to my boyfriend last year. The toy has two pieces, a plush Badtz-Maru and a plush motorcycle--the Badtz-Maru doll has velcro on his butt and wings to hold him in place.
Bud Ice Penguin
The Budice penguin is hard to find these days. Back in the 80's he was featured in a series of commercials that spoofed popular urban legends, such as when a killer is calling you from inside your own house, or you drive to outrun a car that's constantly highbeaming you, only to realize they were trying to warn you there's someone in your backseat.
Card Captor Sakura
Card Captor Sakura, which was created by the Clamp studios, is an excellent anime with a good storyline and great dialogue between Sakura and her guardian. If you watch this, make sure you pick up the subtitled Japanese version and not the stupid Americanized dub.
Chilly Willy
Chilly Willy was a bit character on the Woody Woodpecker show, and he was always outsmarting his would-be captors. He's also the only penguin with his very own theme song.
Cowboy Bebop
This anime has a very interesting soundtrack, as you might expect from the title. It's about the adventures of a group of money-hungry bounty hunters.
Dimi the Penguin
This German penguin was created by the cartoonist Uli Stein.
Dr.Slump is a very strange manga/anime that was created by Akira Toriyama, who is most famous for creating Dragon Ball. All the events in Dr.Slump take place in Penguin Town.
Feathers McGraw
Never trust a penguin who doesn't waddle.
Hoboken penguin
Bugs Bunny found himself getting manipulated by this adorable penguin that cried icecubes when it was sad.
KOOL Penguin
Remember when Joe Camel caused a fit because people thought he was too appealing to kids, and that his nose looked like a phallic symbol? Well, the KOOL cigarette company once used a cute penguin mascot, issued some cartoons, and by the way, the penguin is also a doctor!
Marcus Pfister
Marcus Pfister created some cute penguin characters named Pete and Pat.
Opus is an old-school penguin, who lived through Bloom County, Outland, and is now back in a weekly Sunday strip by pundit/cartoonist/writer Berkeley Breathed.
The anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, with its heavy-handed religious undertones, depressing main characters, and borderline masochism doesn't seem like an appropriate setting for a penguin. Pen-Pen is a rare "hot springs" penguin.
Pingu is a claymation penguin who lives with his mom, dad, and little brother (sister?) and tries to enjoy life without getting into too much trouble. The penguins speak "Pinguish" to each other.
Pokey the Penguin
The creators of this comic strip must be on drugs. That is the only explanation for the existence of Pokey. HOORAY!
Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, whose secret identity, Dan Perkins, is a rather ill-kept secret, uses Sparky in the strip This Modern World as an avatar to espouse his many insightful and oftentimes incisive political theories.
In Japanese, "su-i-ka" means watermelon, so I have no idea why this penguin appears to be called Suica. I saw it everywhere in Japan near subways. It appears to be a mascot for some type of commuter pass.
Tennessee Tux
Tennessee Tuxedo was voiced by the comedian Don Adams, who played Maxwell Smart in Get Smart and also portrayed the voice of Inspector Gadget. Tennessee Tuxedo was created in order to prove that television was not just a "vast wasteland," as FCC chairman Newton R. Minow said in 1961, but a viable medium for educational programming.
Tux is the mascot for the Linux operating system.
Tuxedo Gin
One of the weirdest mangas I've ever read. Tuxedo Gin is a love story about a guy who gets reincarnated into a penguin and adopted by the girl he loved when he was alive, although she doesn't realize it's him.
Tuxedo Sam
Tuxedo Sam is a Sanrio character who was retired several years ago. A happy-go-lucky, pastel purple penguin, he's the antithesis of the brooding Badtz-Maru, who may be phased out soon as well.
Wheezy is the neglected penguin squeaky toy that Woody discovers hidden behind some dust-covered books in Toy Story 2.